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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bonek All Out Support Persebaya Vs Kelantan FA

Bonek (persebaya fans) would imply full support Persebaya during second leg match against Kelantan FA in Gelora 10 November Surabaya. Minimum of about 20,000 bonek going green G10N. Bonek are known to be very fanatical and willing to do anything for persebaya will provide support to persebaya and will put pressure on the FA kelantan.

This game was also a proving ground in Indonesia club quality in the face of the club from outside Indonesia. in the first game at home to kelantan, Persebaya only able to play at 1-1. although kelantan playing with 9 players because two of their players get red cards.

at the game yesterday also there is a unique thing, Andik vermansyah not seen wearing the shoes he usually wore, was indeed Andik lost shoes along with him bag at the airport in Malaysia.

yesterday's Andik vermansyah use mat Halil shoe, however, Andik keep playing all out and do penetration in the kelantan defense region, although many times in the tackle by players kelantan.

in the second game in Surabaya, bound to happen exciting match, because of the fight between speed of persebaya players and  kelantan players skill . moreover midfielder Persebaya, Rendi Irawan. return to play after not able to come to Malaysia because of passport problems. so worth the wait for this exciting game.

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