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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Darren Bent Not For Sell

Aston Villa manager, Alex McLeish confirmed, Darren Bent will not leave in the transfer market next winter. Earlier Aston Villa reportedly did not have enough funds to bring in new players January, so it must sell one of his players by bringing new players.

Even so, according to McLeish, selling Bent is not the solution to the Villa. Because the ability of British striker is needed by the team.

Bent ability possessed incredible. It's hard to find a replacement for him. Very vital role last season for Villa and are not necessarily because he was injured, then we will look for a replacement," said McLeish.

McLeish himself said it would buy the players that the team really needed. "I just need to balance the team, do not need to spend big money, I'll try to bring in players as needed without having to sell our vital players," he added.

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