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Monday, December 5, 2011

Del Piero Getting Eight Stitches

As a result of the hard blows that landed on his face, Alessandro Del Piero forced to have eight stitches in his forehead. Del Piero's injury was obtained when appearing as a substitute when Juventus a 2-0 win over Cesena, (4 / 12).

The captain entered in the 56th minute substitute Mirko Vucinic. But it only lasted eight minutes on the field, Marco Rossi shoes Del Piero hit his face. As a result she is bleeding in the eye temples, and had to stretchered off the field. Due to not be able to continue the fight, his position had to be replaced by Emmanuele Giaccherini.

As quoted from Football Italia, reports from Turin said Del Piero should have eight stitches in his left eyebrow, and taken to hospital for more intensive care.

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