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Friday, December 9, 2011

Deltras Sidoarjo Vs Persib Bandung

Persib Bandung will bring 19 players to carry out further away games premiered on Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2011-12, versus Deltras Sidoarjo, in Gelora Delta Stadium on Monday (12/12) future.

Persib Bandung entourage consisting of a team of coaches, players, team management and officials planned to go to Sidoarjo, East Java, Saturday (10/12) morning, using aircraft from the Husein Sastra Negara Airport.

"According to what the coaches said, the plan Persib Bandung will bring 17 players but 19 players being switched to the Sidoarjo versus Deltras Sidoarjo. Tomorrow morning we set off using a plane," said Umuh while monitoring Persib Bandung training at Siliwangi Stadium, Friday (9 / 12) morning.

Asked who the players that are taken, Umuh not know for certain, he handed the issue to coach Drago Mamic player, because he's the most right to determine who the players are eligible to show at the Sidoarjo.

"As for players, I do not know exactly anyone, who would 11 first team who played when versus Sriwijaya FC will definitely be taken. Our target is quite a point there, and hopefully can get three points," he said.

Coach Drago Mamic justified his actions will bring 19 players most ready to fight to steal full points at home to Deltras Sidoarjo. "Yes, it was only 17 players who will we carry. But I prefer to bring 19 players. Therefore, the condition Hariono and Miljan still not at 100 percent sure recovered from his ankle injury," said Drago Mamic during a press conference at Persib Bandung Mess, Friday (9 / 12).

Mentioned about the strength of Deltras Sidoarjo, Mamic admitted only know a little about the prospective strength of his opponent's map

"I always ask players to play the maximum, about the target we see the final outcome of the game. I do not want to set a lofty target. But I always hoped to get full points if the situation is possible," he said.

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