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Friday, December 23, 2011

Esteban Alvarado Vs Supporter

Stupid incident occurred on Dutch Cup match between Ajax Amsterdam against AZ Alkmaar, Wednesday (21/12). The match had to be stopped because there were many incidents of controversy.

In the 37th minute, Ajax scored with Gregory Van Der Wiel. At that time there are fans that enter the field and try to attack
AZ keeper, Esteban Alvarado.

Unexpectedly Costa Rica goalkeeper responds by kicking fans until fall. The controversy is not only that, because this 22-year-old goalkeeper is get red card by referee Bas Nijhuis.

It is making an exaggerated reaction of the bench AZ. Coach Gertjan Verbeek asked his players to come out of the field and specifically ask the referee to postpone the match.

"Our players do not feel safe in the field. We will go home and rest. But if the problem has been resolved, we are waiting
KNVB reaction" said AZ Technical Director, Earnest Stewart.

Stewart also agrees with the General Manager AZ, Toon Gerbrands, who said Esteban reaction only in an effort to protect themselves. "I wish there was an understanding of the KNVB, it does only because he was afraid and do a spontaneous reaction."

From the KNVB itself states still have to investigate the incident. There will be three possibilities that happens, game resumed, the game is repeated, and while a 1-0 score going into the final match.

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