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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Henry Statue

Thierry Henry did not think Arsenal respect him so much. To the point, he was immortalized with a bronze statue made ​​mounted at the Emirates Stadium. Henry was crying emotion in front of his statue.

Henry has become one of Arsenal heroes. in 1999-2007, Henry scored 226 goals and presenting two Premier League titles and FA Cup. He then moved to Barcelona a season, then joined the MLS club, the New York Bulls.

"Initially, when I heard (the plan of the statue), I honestly think this is just a joke. Then I realized this was real," Henry said with tears as she watched the statue at the Emirates Stadium on Friday (09/12/2011).

How proud Henry. Because, not just anyone who made a sculpture by Arsenal. Henry Statue coupled with Hebert Chapman the founder of the legendary club and team captain Tony Adams. "I was fortunate to win many titles in my career," he added.

"I rarely show my emotions. Some media are often criticized for not showing emotion. But, now I show emotion for my beloved club (Arsenal). I just want to thank my family for being here, my best friend, also my daughter and my mother , "Henry said, touched.

"I never dreamed would be made a statue in front of the stadium belongs to the beloved club. The statue is a perfect example of my love for this club. I am also grateful to the fans. You all are always special. I always give the best for you. I am aware, not enough time to give a lot of things. But, I always give all in the field for you and the club, "he said.

Statue of Henry in a kneeling position in front of the stadium. His style as when he celebrated the goal. "I will kneel here without them. So, I am grateful to all of them," he said.

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