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Monday, December 26, 2011

Indonesian Premier League Supporters

Spectators or supporters to be one element that can not be removed from the modern football. The role of supporter referred to as a key pillar in supporting the independence of the club from the financial side of football dreams in Indonesia.

Unfortunately seriousness in managing the supporters and spectators seemed there was still no significant movement. Several weeks after the Indonesia Premier League (IPL) is not there a new breakthrough, so far the average audience who come to the stadium is still pretty standard.

Of the four clubs in East Java who competed in the IPL, only Persema Malang who have not played a home game. Meanwhile, three other clubs, Arema FC, Persebaya Surabaya and Persibo Bojonegoro, had tasted her home.

The only surprise of the three clubs are Arema FC. The club moved to the
Gajayana Stadium was originally predicted not so attractive to the Malang public sphere as well Aremania. In fact those who come to the stadium just beyond belief.

In two home games cons PSMS Medan and Persibo Bojonegoro, averaging an audience of 15,000 to 20,000. Earned income executive committee (panpel) match quite well, ie, above Rp. 900 million for these two games.

"The stadium capacity Gajayana reached 25,000 spectators, so there are still opportunities to increase sales of tickets. But we admit all also depends on team performance. If it can be stable, we still believe the stadium could reach maximum capacity, "explained Media Officer Arema FC Noor Ramadan.

Arema management strategies undertaken have also begun to appear, for example, provide a door prize in the second game versus Persibo. Although not yet measured how many percent increase in audience because of a door prize, but at least there were numerous attempts to attract an audience

A fairly stable number of spectators in Gelora 10 November, Surabaya. Bonek who watched home games Persebaya Surabaya versus Semen Padang no less than 15,000 head and it was quite satisfactory.

15 000 numbers are also quite minimalist to Persebaya caliber club with a domain such incredible supporters. Moreover, the measure of interest supporters, the care team Divaldo Alves is far more powerful in attracting viewers than Persebaya at First Division.

Persebaya management seems to still need a special strategy to be able to maximize ticket sales. Or at least make that number as the minimum number of supporters at Gelora 10 November, Persebaya see the achievements that are still not stable.

Persibo Bojonegoro who also recently had a home fight, can not be measured with certainty how many average spectators to the stadium. When the matches versus Persiraja Banda Aceh, the number of spectators were in the range of 5000 head and it's still fairly small.

Usually a maximum of 15,000 stadium capacity is always fully charged Boromania, supporters Persibo. "Maybe because the competition is still early. Seeing the passion Boromania last season, also seems to happen this season and the stadium is almost always full, "said Nur Yahya, Manager Persibo.

Persibo itself has yet to devise a strategy to attract more spectators to the stadium. The capacity of the stadium which is still little is still an obstacle for the team to maximize the acquisition of an orange ticket home games.

Which is still in question is Persema Malang. It's hard to talk to one supporter if the review of this club. With the smallest club supporters in East Java was likely will not change much compared to previous seasons. A maximum of only 5,000 pairs of eyes that came to the stadium.

If the average is taken, the audience Warriors in Stadio Gajayana Ken Arok reaches only 2500 only. Gajayana too easy to predict. Management Persema never found a perfect solution to make a full stadium.

In fact, sometimes the audience who came to the stadium partially free to use. Humans who come into the stadium during matches is not a supporter Persema, but the people who really want entertainment from football. Or just spend leisure time in the afternoon.

Situations like these that make Persema never evolved and continues to be number two in Malang after Arema FC. The efforts of management which throws the shares to the public, in fact as well there was no response. Dreams seem to be an independent team would continue to be a dream for Laskar Ken Arok.

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