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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Klose Called Emperor by Lazio

Lazio sporting director, Igli Tare said if only Lazio who became the only club who still believe in the quality of Miroslav Klose. In the summer, Klose joined Lazio with free transfers.

Tare, who finished his career with Lazio before becoming director of sport, just enjoying the the role of Klose for Lazio this season. In 17 games Klose who has served in all competitions, 10 goals already successfully packed.

"We gave the nickname Emperor Klose. He has the absolute mentality to win. The nickname was given as a reward to him who continue to be motivated to practice for a week and self-sacrifice in the field," says Tare.

"President Lotito trusted me to follow this until the end. That's not easy to remember after Klose and rarely played for Bayern last season. However, I remain proud that we are the only club who believe in Klose," he concluded.

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