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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Liverpool Vs QPR Result

Liverpool Vs QPR Result is 1-0 for home side. Versus Queens Park Rangers, Liverpool dominated the game fully. But because the slick appearance of QPR goalkeeper Radek Cerny, the Reds only won 1-0 on Saturday (10/12). with Liverpool Vs QPR Result, Liverpool remain in position 6, while QPR down to rank 13.

Liverpool started the first half with a quick tempo and immediately tried to suppress QPR. The game has been running for three minutes, Liverpool had to get two corner kicks.

Liverpool's first chance came in the 9th minute, Stewart Downing passing can be headed by Luis Suarez, unfortunately QPR goalkeeper can catch it very well.

Suarez several times to get a chance to score, but QPR defender can still stop it very well.

In the 30th minute, a golden opportunity Maxi Rodriguez can still be thwarted Cerny. The Reds look hard to find the net QPR, Anton Ferdinand played pretty well throughout the first half.

QPR also looks difficult to get into the Liverpool penalty box, three shots on goal Liverpool them done from outside the penalty box. The first half Liverpool Vs QPR Result ended goalless.

The second round started, Liverpool directly invade Wolves defense. just one minute,Charlie Adam pass managed well by Suarez, 1-0 to the Reds.

Maxi counted twice to get a chance to score Liverpool's second goal, but both can still be pushed to perfection by Cerny.

At the end of 10 minutes ahead of the end of the game, QPR look freely attacked the home team. Forces such as Kenny Dalglish looks ahead to lose his touch game ends. Liverpool Vs QPR Result was 1-0 last until the long whistle sounded.

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