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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Natasha Regrets affair with Giggs

Having left her husband Rhodri Giggs, Natasha has expressed regret for having an affair with Ryan Giggs. He realized "folly" for having risked everything just for the sake of momentary pleasures with Ryan Giggs.

The story of an affair with Natasha Ryan Giggs is quite surprising the British public. Because, Rhodri is the younger brother of Ryan Giggs, and moreover, their relationship was already lasted eight years.

"Now I continue to pray that he (Rodhri) forgive me and come back with me," as manifested hope Natasha told The Sun.

Natasha admitted, associated with Giggs only for pleasure. "I learned two important things this year. The important thing is that I love my husband more than ever. I still can not believe how stupid I am, risking everything just for the pursuit of pleasure with Ryan."

"Now, I sleep alone in a room, where I usually with Rhodri. I hope he'll be back," he added.

Natasha reveals his affair with Giggs because disappointment to that Manchester United midfielder. Ryan, who has two daughters from his marriage to Stacey was also having an affair with model Imogen Thomas.
Disclosure of the affair,  made public by surprise. Rhodri more hit again. He feels betrayed his wife and his brother. Therefore, he finally left Natasha.

"I hope time will change the minds of Rhodri and heal the wounds that I caused. This is the worst year of my life and I know just who to blame me," he regrets.

"I betrayed my husband for an affair with her brother, the man who became one of the famous people in the UK.'s Wife found a way to accept Ryan (Ryan) back. Therefore, I also hope my husband will also do the same thing," he hoped again.

Natasha first met in Rhodri Giggs nightclub in Manchester in March 2003. Two months later, she began dating Rodri. After five years of engagement, Natasha and Rhodri married last year. However, while making love with Rhodri, Natasha also met regularly with Ryan Giggs.

"I am a traitor. However, I could not resist to tell Rhodri personally. I would feel if you killed Rhodri witnessed the pain that I caused. I know, his world has been shattered and I do not want to see him cry," said Natasha.

Natasha admitted that he had received divorce papers from Rhodri. "However, I threw the letter into the trash. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine Rhodri forgive me. However, I do not want to give up to maintain the marriage. Now, Ryan has been missing from my life. I wish I still had a chance and Rhodri building back home, "she wailed.

Natasha had promised, "I will not deceive him again, there will be no betrayal again. As much as I feel ashamed, for it anyway I feel conscious and feel all (treachery and deceit) is over," he continued.

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