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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Persebaya arrived in malaysia

The quality of a Andik Vermansyah is touted as the 'Messi Indonesia', seemed wafted up to the neighbor country, Malaysia. Evidently, when Persebaya arrived at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Wednesday (12/21/2011) evening, Andik directly into the main prey of journalists Malaysia. Andik serious attention, especially in a photo session.

Once out of the door airport Persebaya players were treated to a festive atmosphere and full of family. In addition to Kelantan FA board, a dozen red costumed beauties lined up neatly waiting for the arrival of the Green Force.

An attribute sash supporters club nicknamed The Red Warriors pinned to the Executing tasks (Acting) CEO Persebaya, Dityo Pramono, Alves Divaldo coach, assistant coach Ibnu Grahan, and some players. "Welcome to Kelantan," called them on the sidelines of a smile.

When the bus out to the players, a number of local journalists to take photographs with the orderly Persebaya player. Well, that's when Andik a major concern among journalist. "Andik, please hand raised. Andik, let's smile," they pleaded against Andik.

Exiting the airport, the group hosted a dinner at the cafe TRW (The Red Warriors) Station Elementary School. BHD, which also serves as Kelantan FA merchandise stores. According to Safe, Liaison Officer (LO) champions Malaysia Super League (MSL) 2011, each team of guests who visit to Kelantan has always hosted in the cafe. "After the match they eat here. But if they want to eat in other places as well that's okay," he explained.

Not just food and drink, in the cafe could be found various club merchandise such as jersey, sash, shoes, balls, and others. "This cafe opened to the public. An outsider may eat here, if you like shopping merchandise can also be," said Aman.

One hour in the cafe TRW, Persebaya entourage then headed for the Grand Riverview Hotel is located in the center of Kota Bharu to rest

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