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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Persebaya Vs Kelantan FA Result

One goal and two assists contributed by Andik Vermansyah in the second leg Unity Cup 2011, Wednesday (28/12/2011) at the Gelora 10 Nopember Stadium. 3-2 victory over Kelantan FA make Persebaya entitled Unity Cup trophy for the first time held. Victory team rascal nicknamed Bajol Ijo treat grief as well as Indonesia which has twice defeated Malaysia in two different arena.

Kelantan try pressing
Persebaya defense in the early matches. A first-time shot is released skipper Badri Radzi third minute. But not right on target. Persebaya try to rise through the speed Rendi Irawan and Andik Vermansyah but until the 10th minute, no goals are created.

Only one yellow card created by Aziz Ismail in the ninth minute after breaking Andik. In the 12th minute, a breakthrough from Rendi leads to Andik. With his speed, Andik successfully outsmarts the two players before facing one on one with goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. Unfortunately opportunities can be thwarted by Malaysia national team goalkeeper.

And just 16th minute Cross from Rendi success to converted by Andik Vermansyah. Unfortunately after winning, Persebaya look loosen tempo of the game. Aziz released a kick, but was too weak and can be secured goalkeeper Endra Prasetya.

Whereas until the 30th minute, Persebaya still rely on fast attack led a trio of tiny, Andik, Taufiq and Rendi. However, field conditions are slippery because of rain, making the player often falls. Kelantan took control of the game. Opportunity acquired Norfarhan Mohamad, but his header off target yet.

Persebaya had a golden opportunity both in the 37th minute. Starting the game ball over Taufiq and Mat Halil, had controlled the ball with his chest before give toward Ariawan Ferry. Unfortunately his header was too weak and could anticipate the Red Warriors defender.

Ferry back to waste the opportunity in the 40th minute. Starting from a free kick Amaral, received the ball with his head by Dutra and in directed to the Ferry. Unfortunately Ferries header bounced just over the crossbar. Towards the first round was over, Persebaya had the opportunity through a free kick Dutra. Unfortunately the ball actually bounced. The first half ending with the score 1-0 to Persebaya.

The second half has been running for three minutes, Kelantan FA had equalized through Norshahrul Idlan Talaha. Mohamed Mahmoud Ghadar easily kick off a cross, but hit the goalpost. Then throw the ball struck and kick by
Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, score change 1-1.

After conceding early in the round, an opportunity created by Feri Ariawan. Unfortunately Peter was trapped offside position. Substitution was performed by Persebaya. Amaral, who from the outset the second half already done a lot of mistakes, pulled out and replaced by players from Australia, Mario Karlovic in the 59th minute.

Kelantan also refreshes the front line by entering Denny Antwi and pull out the Mohamed Mahmoud Ghadar. Substitution of players who make effect. In the 65th minute, Bajol Ijo back ahead by Feri Ariawan. Continued Andik Vermansyah passing, Feri with cold kick ball into the goal Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. Persebaya winning 2-1.

After the goal Feri, Kelantan threatened by header of the captain Badri 'Piya' Radzi. Unfortunately the ball can still be defeated crossbar. Andik back to the birth of brain Persebaya created the third goal in the 74th minute. Utilizing the horizontal pass, the captain Dutra Otavio easily make a goal. Persebaya had doubled the lead to 3-1.

After the third goal, Persebaya kick off the threat of long-distance Taufiq the 81st minute. Unfortunately the ball jaug deviated from the target. Kelantan had received through Indra Putra free kick at minute 86. Endra Prasetya lucky goalkeeper punched the ball out of the area.

The game more interesting as both teams attacked each other. Kelantan had time to minimize the position through Indra Putra. The position has not changed. Drove a 3-2, Persebaya win Unity Cup with a 4-3 aggregate. This title also makes about 27.000 Bonek cheer.

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