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Friday, December 16, 2011

Real Madrid Build 7 Schools in Indonesia

Indonesia coaching a young age, getting a great opportunity to increase its presence Real Madrid schools. Although titled "Real Madrid", these schools do not emphasize its curriculum on the skills of playing soccer, but rather on social and civic life.

A total of seven schools in seven regions will start operating in January 2012, on a joint project sponsored by Real Madrid's Sports Foundation and the International Social Development Foundation.
In Madrid, on Thursday (15/12), the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding cooperation, witnessed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Spain Adiyatwidi Adiwoso. Representing the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sanchez and Institutional Relations Director of Real Madrid's Emilio Butragueno. While Sports International Social Development (ISSD) Foundation, the charitable foundation as the technical implementation in Indonesia, represented by Prof. Toho Cholik Muthohir.
Butragueno which is a legendary
Real Madrid's and Spanish player era of the 1980s claimed to love can expand up to Indonesia in the field of human development through football. "Moreover, developed a very large scope, from Aceh to Papua," said Butragueno that when victorious nicknamed "The Bird Nasar".
According to Toho, this cooperation thanks to Ambassador Adiyatwidi approach to Real Madrid, the last months. Real Madrid is asking a number of stringent requirements for the establishment of schools in Indonesia. Even so, once convinced and reviewing the location, the foundation's most popular club in the world had agreed to run social projects in Indonesia.
Adiyatwidi say, of the many missions in Spain, soccer is one of its strategic objectives. Real Madrid Foundation itself is an independent agency under the management of Real Madrid in charge of developing the social responsibility of the football club.
The agency believes, sports especially football have special values ​​that can be a pillar of human education. Through the unique joy of children and the joy of soccer, the agency wants to teach social values ​​and life to children around the world. Until December 2011, the Foundation is already running more than 30 school projects across four continents, especially in South America, Africa, and Asia.
Toho explains, severe conditions proposed Real Madrid Foundation, among others, government support, infrastructure, financial management and neatness. Another requirement is too strict is the children who participated in this program must come from the circles can not afford and do not discriminate gender.

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