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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The reason of Balotelli Fights with Richards

Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini said, Mario Balotelli fight with Micah Richards because Richards did not pass the ball to him in a training session on Thursday (15/12/2011). According to him, both players had been re-reconciled.

A fight is getting the attention of many people, especially because Balotelli is like behaved. Some time ago, for example, Balotelli played fireworks in the house, which led to fires.

"I asked him, 'Why are you again (the behaved)?' He said, (he fights with Richards) because (Richards) is not passing the ball to him. It was a very stupid thing. After ten minutes, the problem is completed. Mario and Micah fight, but they are like twins. The relation between them is very good, "said Mancini.

"With this incident, Mario has four times (a fight with own
fellow ). For this thing, he is the king. This could happen to other players. However, Mario must be careful (in attitude), not only on this matter, but in every situation. "

"Christmas is near. End of the year is a very dangerous time for the matter of fireworks. Better (Balotelli) remained at the hotel," he said.

Meanwhile, through his Twitter account, Richards said, "Me and Mario fine. Things like this happen in practice and we shook hands afterwards."

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