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Friday, December 30, 2011

Rematch between Ajax Vs AZ

Dutch Cup between Ajax Amsterdam and AZ Alkmaar are discontinued will be repeated on January 19, 2012 without the audience witnessed. Thus the announcement of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), Wednesday (28/12/2011).

The match between the host Ajax and Alkmaar on Wednesday last week stopped after running for 38 minutes. The match was stopped due to Ajax fans entered the field and attack Alkmaar goalkeeper, Esteban Alvarado, from Costa Rica. Alvarado also was given a red card for kicking Ajax supporters who entered the field.

After the incident, Alkmaar coach Gert Verbeek January immediately ordered his players go into the dressing room and refused to continue the match. Verbeek worried about the safety of team. Verbeek deplored the lack of security at the stadium of Ajax, Amsterdam Arena.

"This decision is easy because there are only two options, namely completing the game or do a rematch," said KNVB director Bert van Oostveen.

Red card for Esteban Alvarado eventually canceled by the KNVB on Thursday last week. Thus, the option to continue the game is out.

Ajax have to pay a fine of 10,000 euros for failing so fans can enter the field. Police have detained 25 supporters in the aftermath of the riots.

Ajax also got sentenced to one home game without spectators. The penalty for Ajax will apply if within two years of turmoil happening again caused by the Ajax supporters.

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