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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rossi's comments on the CRT

Next season, there is a new category in the MotoGP arena, namely Claiming Rule Teams (CRT). The presence of CRT was sufficient to invite controversy, especially for the drivers of the factory team. In fact, Dorna, the MotoGP rights as the holder, called the CRT will be the future of MotoGP.

Valentino Rossi was giving his opinion on the CRT. In between busy in showing his talent in the Monza Rally Show, "The Doctor" reveal his views on a new class of CRT. The point, seven-time MotoGP world champion agreed with Dorna that CRT may be the future of this sport.

"By decision Suzuki withdraw from MotoGP, then there would be only 12 (mill) motor. It's a bit sad and of course we must use motors that are cheaper, and, if this be the only way, I do not mind riding a bike CRT although no one happy with this, "said the Italian rider told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Indeed, competitive factors are the problem. However, next season there are 10 motor CRT that will compete on the track. That means, even though Suzuki had retreated and the trimming satellite Honda and Ducati motorcycles, but the number of motorcycles in MotoGP track will be increased from 17 (this year) to around 22.

In the same occasion, Rossi also talked about the bad in his debut season with Ducati in 2011. Former Honda and Yamaha rider was admitted, the 2011 season was the worst of his career at the grand prix arena.

The proof, he only finish in seventh place and only one podium finishes without a winner. In fact, throughout his career, nine-time world champion grand prix this at least once a champion.

But now, Rossi was more relaxed welcomed the 2012 season. He was quite optimistic with the development of the Ducati GP12, which uses an aluminum frame.

"We have a bike that is very different," said Rossi. "I want to see progress as quickly as possible in February. Hopefully we will be more quickly and competitively. Exciting because there is no limit duration of the trial, and it helped us."

"What I want for gifts given at Christmas? GP 2012 that competitive."

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