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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Suarez Racist Case

Luis Suarez is rumored to be preparing for alleged racist rebuttal on Patrice Evra in the next two weeks. As reported Mirror Football, The FA has acted quickly to listen to a statement from Suarez.

Liverpool's camp is still awaiting trial date for Suarez. If the date has been set, then Liverpool will soon prepare the papers to prove innocence Suarez.

Previously, Suarez was convicted guilty of using insulting words or behavior insulting Evra at Manchester United's match against Liverpool, in October last.

However, Suarez has strongly denied the racist actions. As reported by various media, Suarez was only mentions the word "negrito" an appellation which he commonly used in South America.

However, unfortunately for Suarez. Evra did not come from South America and thought the words of Suarez had insulted him.

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