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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tya Ariesta admire Diego Michiels

Diego Michiels charm proved to amaze women from the celebrity. This time it came the recognition of Tya Ariesta who openly admired the figure of a footballer is of Dutch descent.

But not the face of Diego which became the main attraction for Tya. The actress who like sport taekwondo is even impressed with the skill and professionalism Diego who reportedly rejected a number of large contracts in the entertainment world in favor of his career on soccer.

"Diego is now really shines. It is said that a lot of work is also entertainment which he rejected," said Tya when contacted via Blackberry Messenger.

"Good stamina, hard worker. I love the way he played," said Tya continued praise for Diego.

Not only that, apparently Tya itself follows the development of the latest news about Diego. Last Tya regretted if Diego can no longer reinforce the national team since playing in the competition which is considered illegal by PSSI (Indonesia FA).

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