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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alex Ferguson Admire Muhammad Ali

Sir Alex Ferguson had indeed spent half his life with football and Manchester United. But who would have thought, 70-year-old coach, admiring the figure of Muhammad Ali, boxing legend the world. Ali in the eyes of Fergie is a phenomenal figure which will continue to be perennial all-time.

When interviewed by Inside United, the Scot was admitted, one of the game in the history of sports is the best all-time world heavyweight boxing championship between Ali and Sonny Liston, on February 25, 1964 ago.

On that date, Ali, who today celebrates his 70th birthday, the first time onstage in heavyweight boxing. With full confidence, "The Great Ali" which when it was aged 22 years, did not hesitate to challenge Liston, the status as world heavyweight boxing champion as stupid bear.

Inside the ring, with a typical agile and fast footwork, Ali is able to make himself more dominant than Liston. As a result, a new history appeared, in the middle of the seventh round. Boxers born January 17, 1942 it succeeded in silencing the doubts many people by winning his first world title, and became the youngest boxer to win heavyweight.

"The fight between Clay (Ali's name before Cassius Clay changed its name) with Sonny Liston described the birth of the greatest athletes in the world. Liston in his time was a monster, but he could silence him. So, the fight is in my opinion shows that he is a superb boxer, which also has a great personality, "Fergie amazed.

"Very impressive to see Clay come to the Liston with confidence, and then challenged Liston by saying 'Come on, come here, I've got something for you'. And then you can see that Liston's face as if to say 'I'll kill you'," he said .

"Clay's comments before or after the game is also very amazing. In fact, he had boldly said he would not go to war with his country in the Vietnam war. Because of this, you have to admit that he is a figure that is extraordinary," said Fergie again.

Rise and Shine
On that occasion, Ferguson also revealed that he had a special experience when trying to watch Ali fight in the boxing ring. To watch the game is his idol, Fergie confessed, he was always up in the morning and then visiting a renowned entertainment center in Scotland.

"I always leave home early morning to get to Green Playhouse in downtown Glascow to watch the match Ali, because they broadcast it directly. Whereas when he was in Aberdeen, I was always the center of town at night to watch it. It's very exciting, and I really liked it, "Fergie recalls.

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