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Friday, January 13, 2012

Balotelli visiting Xaverian College

Mario Balotelli once said that if the movements were always followed by reporters in England. How not, Balotelli itself that often create a sensation.

This time, Balotelli makes a scene of a campus in Manchester, Xaverian College. The whole campus students are surprised when Balotelli figure suddenly appeared on campus.

Thursday (13 / 1), Balotelli with three friends parked
Bentley in the parking lot of Xaverian College. and then approached a student to ask, "Where is the bathroom?" story of a student, Edward Gasson.

After that, Balotelli took time to tour the campus buildings for nearly 20 minutes. Balotelli is also visiting faculty room to chat for a moment.

"Balotelli walking around campus like having the place. I'm a fan. So amazing to see it directly. Still, it's a little weird he came here," said Gasson as reported by the Mirror.

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