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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barcelona New Costume Design

2011-12 season only half way. However, leaks costume Barcelona for next season already emerged. Sport is, media which is affiliated directly with Barcelona, the first disclose it.

Costume design Barcelona next season will be completely different. How not, blue-red lines that are seen with the firm changed drastically to gradation. The red color in the middle now as one with the blue color on the side of the costume.

The collar and sleeves decorated with orange color. Sponsor costumes in the chest while still filled Qatar Foundationa Unicef ​​logo placed at the rear bottom costume. On the front is also not miss Club World Cup champions emblem 2011.

For the costume away, it seems Nike as manufacturers are still happy with the color orange. This color is also used as a costume away in the spring of 2006-07.
As with major costumes, costumes away also have shades of color. The difference is, where the gradation of orange at the bottom instead of sideways.

Costumes with color gradation is expected to be a trend setter in costume club next season. And Barcelona became the pioneer in making costume design with gradations of color.

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