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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dortmund scored Jersey Record Sales

Bundesliga title last season was achieved by bringing a positive impact on the popularity and the economy Borussia Dortmund. For proof, just look at jersey sales are booming. It took just six months, sales record last season exceeded.

As reported by Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID), until the winter break and then, about 180,000 Dortmund jersey sold. It passed the 130,000 figure recorded last season and became the highest selling record in a season. 180,000 figure that was only closed to within 20,000 of the announced sales targets for this season.

The interesting thing, from 180,000 artificial Kappa jersey that sold it, 50,000 of whom are dedicated to the children. While for the most popular type of jersey is the jersey home. Jersey-node motifs decorated with a black dot on the front of it sold as many as 100,000 pieces. While the special jersey Revierderby sold 10,000 pieces.

Increasing the number of sales was actually predictable. The reason, in June 2010, the stock on the market already sold out. In fact, the level of demand is very high at that time. Interestingly, a new record sale of this jersey to be a marker for the end of the Kappa will be replaced next season by Puma.

Note that of course would be a burden as well as its own expectations for Puma. However, the original German manufacturer need not pessimistic. At least, they have a reliable weapon, namely Marco Reus. Yes, Borussia Mönchengladbach players next season's move to Dortmund is one of Puma contracted stars.

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