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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Four teams interested in Michael vorm

Michael vorm nice appearance with Swansea City attract the attention of several Premier League clubs. At least, there are four clubs who have expressed a desire to bring the player.

"The clubs interested in him. Man. United asked him, as well as Chelsea and Newcastle United. Do not miss the Tottenham Hotspur announced their interest involved, "said Director of Swansea, John van Zweden.

The success of The Swan entrenched in the middle of the board can not be separated from the role vorm. He often makes brilliant rescue that prevents many team conceded a goal. Latest, vorm made ​​some riveting action while helping Swansea beat Arsenal last week. "The club that loses him, will have nightmares," added Van Zweden.

Swansea bring vorm of the Eredivisie club FC Utrecht, in the transfer market last summer. The cost to hook vorm only 1 million pounds. With the appearance of an increasingly uphill, Swansea
could sell vorm at high price.

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