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Friday, January 13, 2012

Gerrard will retire in liverpool

Steven Gerrard is almost certain to be spending his entire career playing football in Liverpool. Because, Gerrard has just officially signed a new long term contract with the Reds on Thursday (12 / 1).

He did not mention the new contract will expire. However, with the age of 31 years who had been stepped on, Gerrard will retire at Anfield.

"I'm very happy. It's a proud day for me and my family also. That moment came when the club featuring a fantastic performance last night (against Manchester City) and we get the desired results," explained Gerrard delighted.

"Liverpool is a club that I love. The club has also been supporting me since childhood. I liked when practicing every day. Also the experiences gained here since I was eight years old. I do not want to replace it with anything in the world," Gerrard continued.

Gerrard also expressed his desire to remain at Liverpool when retired. Himself ready to accept the offer to become the ambassador or the coaching staff at the Merseyside club.

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