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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miljan Miljanic died

Former Real Madrid coach Miljan Miljanic, died at the age of 81 years, Friday (01/13/2012), in his hometown, Serbia, because the pain has been suffered for a long time.

Miljanic train Madrid in 1974-1977. Under his care, Madrid won two league titles (1974-1975 and 1975-1976) and one Copa del Rey trophy (1974-1975).

In addition he coached Red Star (1966-1974), Valencia (1982-1983), and the national team of Yugoslavia (1973-1974 and 1979-1982), he also served Chairman of the Football Federation of Yugoslavia, for two decades until 2001.

Miljanic was born in Bitola on May 4, 1930, now part of Macedonia, although his family came from Niksic, Montenegro. He spent his career as a player on the Red Star until appointed as coach in 1966.

Fluent in several languages​​, Miljanic traveled around world studying
soccer in Russia, Britain, Germany and Brazil. He bequeathed a record containing the information and results of observation of every team he's ever seen.

Miljanic is also an admirer of Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff and the West German national team, which won the European Cup in 1972, in Brussels, Belgium.

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