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Monday, January 23, 2012

Psywar Maradona vs Pele

Some time ago, the Brazilian legend, Pele remarks suggestive allusions to Lionel Messi. Pele claims, though it was incised many titles, but Messi has not been able to match her ​​accomplishments. Including the World Cup title that have not been able to achieve the Barcelona striker with Argentina national team.

Statements related to Pele, Argentina legend who is also Al Wasl coach, Diego Maradona, come talk. He chose to defend Messi, and satirical Pele as parents who are unable to objectively judge a person.

"This is probably due to old age affects the thinking process," said Maradona. "You can not blame the guy, he has not done anything for 20 years, I have not even seen in supermarkets. I do not know what he was doing.

"Usually, when you see him today, it is only at an awards ceremony in addition to the president of FIFA and looks like a doll that is being driven by remote control. His comments come as no surprise," added Maradona.

Between Pele and Maradona did not escape the recent declaration of war through the media. Pele never thought of young Brazilian striker, Neymar have quality is better than Messi. While trying to defend Messi Maradonatwo attitudes that are both often appear in a debate.

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