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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Real Madrid Vs Granada Result

Real Madrid started the match in Liba BBVA in 2012 with satisfactory results. Entertaining promotional team, Granada at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid won a convincing victory 5-1, (7 / 1).

These results not only makes Madrid
confidence increasingly rising. They are also becoming shot advantage atop the standings with six points from nearest rival, Barcelona.

Showing best composition, even without Angel Di Maria, Madrid has been attack since the beginning of the fight. Several times Jose Mourinhi squad gives Granada a threat to the back line.

The result, in the 19th minute, Karim Benzema able open advantage after Cristiano Ronaldo's brilliant use of action and Mesut Ozil. Ozil heel pass French striker was greeted with the right foot without being able to flick driven goalkeeper Roberto.

Unfortunately for Madrid. Advantage did not last long. Because in the 22nd minute Granada are surprisingly able to retaliate. Utilizing feedback Uche, Mikel Rico without being able to reach the ball Iker Casillas. Score a draw back.

Madrid finally able to go back ahead when the set-piece corner kick Ozil able Sergio Ramos with a header struck his head. The ball lodged in the back goalkeeper Roberto. And a score of 2-1 was a cover of the first round.

Entering the second half, Madrid hit back early. The result, the second half to walk two minutes, turn Gonzalo Higuain who co-listed his name on the scoreboard after the clever use of bait mature Marcelo.

Goals that make Los Blancos increasingly have the upper hand. As a result, three minutes later. Benzema brace is able to make a goal again after receiving feedback from Ozil. Benzema two goals and
Ozil three assists.

When his colleagues on the front line had scored and assists, Cristiano Ronaldo finally did not want to miss. He also listed his name on the scoreboard a minute before the end of normal time, after his right-foot shot at the goalkeeper Roberto nesting landslide.

Score 5-1 at once became the cover of this game. Madrid firmly on top of the standings with a value of 43. While Granada stuck in rank 13 with a value of 19.

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