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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rooney denied Provoking Referee

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini blamed Wayne Rooney had its share of red cards received over Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany. It was Mancini thought Rooney was provoked referee Chris Foy in order to give a red card for Kompany tackle on Nani.

Not just Mancini, in his article in the Daily Mail, former England's best referee, Graham Poll was also admitted it. Apart from Rooney, Poll also saw a similar provocation carried out Michael Carrick.

Embarrassed by all the accusations addressed to him, Rooney also go to vote. He strongly denied what was said Mancini about red card incident.

"Very funny, how people regard me also
contributing over red card to Kompany. I'm not a referee. I do not give a red card. But it's definitely a red card. Because Dachshund two feet," said Rooney via her twitter account.

Rooney also got a defense statement from team-mate, Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand confirmed once again to the public if two-foot tackle who do indeed worthy Kompany straight red card.

"How can there be debate about the red card last night? You (Kompany) have done the hard tackle with two feet = a red card. # Facts," said Ferdinand via @ Rioferdy5.

Mancini himself admitted never done anything like that done Rooney. At that time, Mancini direct positive action by apologizing for being provocative.

"When I do it against Liverpool,
the people say otherwise I do not act like that. Then I apologize for doing wrong. How do today?" Mancini snapped.

Normally, a straight red card forcing Kompany should be sidelined for three games due to suspension. However, because he had given a similar red card this season, plus a four-game suspension. If the plan
Manchester City appeals ultimately rejected FA, ​​then Kompany certainly absent in the two semi-final match against Liverpool, the party of Premier League away games against Wigan Athletic and home against Tottenham Hotspur.

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