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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bring in the new year with style

Wristwatch is the one of the accessories that important for the people, not only for the style but also functions of the watch itself. Although, nowadays is the era of the gadget for example handphone or ipad but watch still becomes special for the people. As we know that in handphone we can see the time also, but there are some reasons why people still use watch. The first reason because watch always in our wrist, that’s why we can see the time by simply flirt to our wrist. The other reason is, watch can increase our prestige.People see the social status of someone by looking at the thing that they wear, including watch. If we wear the branded watch, people can consider us as the “higher level”. Watch is a special thing maybe its because of people give the watch as the gift to someone special in their life. By wearing that watch, they can always remember the one who give it.

Although watch still becomes special for people, but the corporation always develop and create the new watch with the sophisticated style, facilities and also the technology. Some of the famous brand put the technology in their watch. One of the corporation that always aware with the technology is Seiko Watches. As their slogan “ Emotional technology” that means Seiko corporation wants to make not just simple wristwatch but the watch that has the interaction with the wearer, because it is consider that the watch has the intimacy relation with the wearer. Not only about the interaction between the products and the wearer but also their functon is fulfilled and satisfies the wearer. Some products like Ananta, Spring drive,Sportura, velatura, and actura can be the choice if you are seeking in technological watch. Even Spring Drive is the peak of watchmaking mechatronics, and hand assembly is done by Seiko’s most skilled craftsmen in Japan.

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