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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Allianz Arena

On May 19, 2012, European football elite teams will make the Allianz Arena in Munich as an end in the struggle, in which all the world's attention will be focused on the final UCL 2012 between Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea.

As a strategic partner of the Arena, Allianz gave a tour behind the scenes to football fans exclusively as a process towards European football club Great Final.

Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand Management of Allianz SE, said, "No one expected that the Allianz Arena better than  Allianz own office as a partner and we are very proud that Allianz's name into the name of a famous stadium in the world."

The stadium is known for its iconic lighting pillows on the exterior facade that can be turned into red, blue, or white to adjust teams that was playing at the time. Allianz has a key role in the Arena, with research laboratories, the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), which is testing of fire resistant material outside the stadium.

Allianz Arena construction took three years, after three years of construction Allianz Arena finally opened May 30, 2005 in Fröttmaning Munich and is characterized by two football games FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich (The Lions) who jointly use a stadiumThe inauguration of the stadium is also enlivened by the singers and bands prominent in Europe. Of these two teams, TSV first match against FC Nuremberg in Bavaria traditional local team matches.

The next day on May 31, 2005, Bayern team playing against the German national team.
Allianz Arena is football stadium with oval-shaped bubbles has a length of 258 meters, 227 meters wide with a height of 50 meters.

In the online world, fans can now enjoy Allianz Arena with Facebook 'Football for Life' and the where all people can visit the Allianz Arena with no restrictions on where they are in the world. 360-degree interactive tour will take fans to the locker room, players tunnel, etc..

Four infographics was created to give you an idea how to build a modern stadium, ranging from the width, length and thickness of the grass, until the external lighting systems that are environmentally friendly. A short film featuring the inside and outside the Arena has also been released to provide a unique view to the fans.

The fans can also interact through the Football for Life on Facebook to comment and share tips for the player and his favorite team in preparation towards the Final.

"Football is an international language that is used millions of people in the world. We look forward to the future to be able to always share their views and knowledge to football fans around the world and also welcome them at this magnificent stadium on May 19, "said Christian Deuringer

The fans can enjoy the interactive 360-degree tour and the stories behind the scenes Allianz Arena through the pictures and videos on his Facebook page or football Football for

Who will be the champion? Bayern Munich or Chelsea, Will See

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