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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hector Camacho Dies

Boxing legend Hector 'Macho' Camacho declared dead on Saturday (11/24/2012) local time, after his family agreed to remove all medical aids in the body.

Camacho being shot by an unidentified man on Tuesday (20/11), in the area of ​​San Juan, Puerto Rico, while was in the car and sat in the passenger seat. Alberto Mojica Yamil Moreno co-Camacho killed, who was also in the car.

Camacho was then immediately taken to the Centro Medico de Rio Piedras
hospital and his condition had been reported quite stable by the team of doctors post-treatment.

However, on Wednesday (21/11) morning local time, Camacho was hit by a cardiac arrest and need the help of medical machinery (equipment) to keep his life. Clinically, the doctor said later, Camacho brain ceases.

Hearing such a medical certificate, Camacho's mother, Maria Matias, was found better medical aids stuck to the body Camacho removed. While her grandson, Hector Jr., Who is the son Camacho, still want to take care of his father until cured.

As a result, after a live debate, the Camacho family finally agreed to decide in order to remove the medical aids. In other words, let Camacho "gone" forever.

Ernesto Torres, as director of the Rio Piedras Medical Center, said that Camacho had (back) suffered cardiac arrest when medical aids removed, before being declared dead. So proclaimed the BBC.

Throughout boxing career, Camacho has managed to steal the world title in three different classes - super lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweight.

The last time he fought in the fight for the title in 1997 by challenging welterweight champion who was held by Oscar De La Hoya.

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