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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bruna Marquezine, Neymar's New Girlfriend

Santos attacker, Neymar da Silva Santos JĂșnior or familiarly called Neymar is now beginning to open romance. Santos attacker has finally confirmed that he had found a new liver moorings named Bruna Marquezine.

Bruna Marquezine is a telenovela actress from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statement came out as Neymar and his friends were watching a carnival in the Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Neymar can not deny the relationship, after being caught watching carnival enlivened by his girlfriend Bruna

'' Yes, we are dating. We are very happy. We have a relationship about a month ago,'' Neymar said was quoted
Caras TV on Wednesday (13/2).

It was also disclosed by Bruna. '' Yes​​, we were lovers and we are very pleased. Very proud, he (Neymar) wants to come and watch me parade,'' said Bruna Marquezinetold Zimbio Magazine, Wednesday (13/2).

17-year-old woman was not even awkward showcase photographs with young Brazilian striker was through his personal Instagram account. 

They also are intoxicated by romance and do not care about the age difference they reach four years. After announcing the good news, the Bruna Marquezine and Neymar are relaxed and not have to confess to hide again in front of the media.

'' Now let me enjoy the carnival, okay?'' Said Neymar.

Bruna Marquezine presence certainly adds a long list of wife and girlfriend's (Wags) of Brazilian footballer who works as an artist. Now, Bruna Marquezine has become the latest and youngest WAGs of Brazilian footballer.

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