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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kelantan FA Vs Semen Padang | Result

Kelantan FA Vs Semen Padang Result 1-1 in a friendly match held at Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu, Saturday (02/02/2013) night.

This fight goes fierce because meet the winners of Malaysia Super League 2011 and the Indonesia Premier League (IPL) 2011-12. Although appearing in public opponent, Semen Padang capable of winning first goals from M Nur Iskandar in the 29th minute.

This goal can not be separated from Titus Bonai
efforts were able to penetrate into the opponent's penalty box. Did not get a shot, then sent the ball to Nur Iskandar. Without escort, Nur Iskandar easily struck the ball.

Disadvantaged, Kelantan trying hard to create a goal back. Unfortunately, the effort made ​​by the Bojan Hodak team is temporarily not produced results until halftime. Semen Padang finally winning 1-0 in the first round.

After halftime, Semen Padang conceded after Dimitri Petratos conquered
Jandia Eka Putra in the 60th minute. From outside the box, Petratos release hard shot. The ball rolled profusely without being able to anticipate Jandia.
 Semen Padang coach Jafri Literature add Josua Pahabol, replacing Ellie Aiboy in the 67th minute.

Pahabol try almost success after the players from Papua
giving measurable feedback to Tibo. Unfortunately Tibo too hasty making his shot failed to hit the target.

Four minutes before the game ended, Tibo from a counter attack fired hard. However, players from Papua shot is still read well by goalkeeper Kelantan FA. It was a last chance for Kabau Sirah and a 1-1 score lasted until the game was over.

Both teams are scheduled to meet again on 16 February. Games will be held at the Haji Agus Salim

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