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Friday, February 8, 2013

Nigeria Vs Burkina Faso | Final | Africa Cup 2013

African Cup final match this year is not just proving two underdog, Nigeria and Burkina Faso to be the best. More than that victory in the final will be betting the dignity of African local coaches.

Nigeria and Burkina Faso is not so favored could advance to the finals. Although their status as one of the Africa big teams, but Nigeria has long been drowned achievement.

While Burkina Faso to qualify for the first time this year and go straight to the finals, an achievement for a country of about 16 million people.

Anyone become the champion is obviously going to be a finisher thirst for achievement, especially Nigeria who wants to restore its status as the 'Super Eagles' of Africa.

But more than that, the final game is going to be a proving ground Stephen Keshi, the Nigerian coach against the Belgians named Paul Put who carry Burkina Faso performed brilliantly in this tournament.

Keshi is a representative of African indigenous coaches who try risking the prestige and dignity with foreign coaches who for years has been "colonized" African countries. Moreover, last year after Zambia became champions dealt a Frenchman Herve Ranard.

Obviously the Keshi in the final could be a pride pleasure for colleagues who have proven that their quality is not inferior to foreign coaches. If Keshi managed to bring John Obi Mikel champion, it will be the second person to win the African Cup of Nations as the coaches and players - Keshi was captain when Nigeria became champions in 1994 -.

Not only that, he able to restore the prestige of the local African coach after the 2006 and 2010, Egypt was always a champion under coach Hassan Shehata.

"The white man came to Africa just for the money. They do not do what we could not do. I'm not racist but it is true," said Keshi as reported by Reuters.

"I was never anti-white coach in Africa, because I have always worked with white
trainers ," he continued.

"If you want to bring classic and experienced coaches from Europe, I am ready to learn from the coach, because he's better than us, he has a better knowledge than us."

"However, we have quality African players or former African player who can do the same thing, but they did not get a chance just because they are black. I do not like it," said Keshi.

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