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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stade de France

Stade de France (Stadium of France) is the national stadium of the French Republic which became the home of the football team and the national rugby. The stadium be witnessed the French victory in the World Cup 1998 (against Brazil) and the Six Nation's Rugby Tournament (finals against England) in the same year.

Since the opening, Stade de France was also become the venue concerts of international artists and giant festivals. Rolling Stone is the first time held band concert at the Stade de France in 1995, then there is also Johnny Hallyday and Paul McCartney and an event titled "Urban Peace"
known as Rap, Rhythm and Blues largest concert in Europe. This list can be extended with a variety of athletic championships as well as horse racing.

Stade de France history began when FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) appointed French to host the World Cup. Collaboration four architects (Aymeric Zublena, Claude Constantini, Michel
Macary and Michel Regembal) produces phenomenal stadium plan at a cost of about 280 million euros - the most expensive stadium in the world at the time.

Construction of the Stade de France began on May 2, 1995. The roof that cost over 45 million euros and the field that can be rolled are some major advantages of this stadium, whose construction took 31 months.Stade de France officially opened on January 28, 1998 with a friendly match between France against Spain. 17 hectares stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000 people. Not only spectators were pampered with a luxurious stadium facilities, but also the athletes, coaches and teams that followed.

There are two dressing rooms, each 400 square meters wide, two special coaches locker room, offices for the delegates as well as some vast auditorium as a training musicians, choirs or briefing players. The locker room at the stadium was designed by Michel Platini himself, the French football legend. Especially for important guests, available VIB box with 162 pieces total 6.000 VIP seats!

Stadium with a roof shaped ellipse has two super-large LED screen measuring 120 square meters on either side, a recent innovation made in 2006 after the previous screen installed at the stadium was first built in 1998 is considered too small. Roofs are like "floating" is designed so not to disturb the audience, but also remains
anyone safe underneath.

With an area of ​​6 acres (broadly similar to the Place de la Concorde) and a weight of 13.000 tonnes (two times the Eiffel Tower), colored glazed roof to protect patrons from the infra red and ultra violet.

Unlike other stadiums which only has support facilities matches, concerts or other events, Stade de France has a museum. The history of the stadium, pictures of behind the scene, a large scale model and personal items belonging to various athletes from around the world can be seen in this museum.

Stade de France is located in the northeastern outskirts of Saint-Denis near Paris, about 5 kilometers from Montmartre or 8 kilometers from the Louvre museum.

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