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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zdenek Zeman Fired

Zdenek Zeman ended the journey at AS Roma. The senior coaches are welcome to leave coach seat after failing to raise achievement at Giallorossi.

Zeman dismissal issue is beginning to emerge after the game counter Cagliari at the Olimpico, Friday (02/02/2013) pm dawn. In the game, Roma humiliated by their guest with the score 2-4.

Because of that defeat, Roma have not moved from eighth Serie A standings with 34 points from 23 matches. I Lupi also has never once won the league in 2013.

Seeing this condition, club officials lost patience. They decided to fired Zdenek Zeman.

After Zdenek Zeman Fired, the coach position will temporarily held by Aurelio Andreazzoli. Andreazzoli is the
technique coach who has worked in Rome since the days of Luciano Spalletti

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