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Monday, March 4, 2013

K-League 2013

K-League split into two divisions (Classic K-League and K-League second division), K-League is a professional football league in South Korea. In 2012, Scottish Premier League system was adopted in this league.

After 26 games, the league will be split into two; seven top teams will play home and away games for the title and the third Asian Champions League spot, while the bottom seven teams will be fighting to avoid relegation (two teams).

In 2014, K-League will introduce promotion / relegation direct and also play-off between the two divisions.TEAM should be observed

Defending champion Seoul K-League is not much activity in the transfer market, but the cooperation of the team will get a lot of benefit to it. They will undergo a tough season as they will compete in the Classic K-League, Asian Champions League and also the FA Cup.

Last season runners-up, Jeonbuk, on the other hand, spend a lot of money and to revamp the squad. When the pre-season, Jeonbuk brought eight players, which could arguably form a new team. No doubt they are full of talented new players, but the team's performance is another thing. Are Jeonbuk will be Korean Manchester City or Korean QPR?

Another team that should be observed is the FA Cup champions Pohang Steelers, who said that without the foreign players will play this season after selling Ianis Zicu, Derek Asamoah, and Zoran Rendulic. They also failed to bring new players, mostly due to financial issues, where they are less likely to get support from their main sponsor. As Seoul, teamwork may be increased, but not as Jeonbuk, Pohang Steelers squad depth will be one of the weak points of the season.

LCA 2012 champions Ulsan Hyundai became one of the strongest candidates to win the season championship. Since Kim Ho-Gon as a coach, he is focused on strengthening the defense. After gaining stability in the back line, he changed back position with 196 cm height, Kim Shin-Wook, became a target striker. With a focus on the formation counter-attack, they were able to become the king of Asia.

But in 2013, they had to play without many key players. Asia's best players Lee Keun-Ho was one of three players to be absent due to military duty, while Kwak Tae-Hwi, Go Seul-Ki, and Juan Estiven move to another club. But many quality players to join Ulsan. Although the squad looks weaker than last year, Ulsan remains believed to be a serious competitor in the K-League Classic, and interesting to see whether their strategy will be successful this time.

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