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Friday, January 7, 2011

Most Handsome Athletes Who Hated

Manchester United's star-1960s, George Best, regarded as the most handsome soccer player ever. His figure adored and despised, even after his death.

Best is indeed a talented player. He has a high football techniques combined with the ability to game adaptation. In 1968 he took Manchester United win the European Cup. Just because he comes from a small country, Northern Ireland, Best never participated in the event the party or the European interstate football World Cup. 

However, Best lifestyle off the field often criticized people. He is a hedonist: like a party, beautiful women, and liquor. 

This habit is often considered to interfere with her career as a football player. However, Best pleaded not able to overcome this habit. In 1969 he once said, "I had tried to forget the beautiful women and alcohol. Huh! It was an excruciating 20 minutes." Imagine, just 20 minutes! 

In fact, Best was never separated from the beautiful women and alcohol. In fact, alcohol is also one that brought his death on November 25, 2005. 

In his native east Belfast, Northern Ireland, until now still remembered the name of Best, both by the devotee as well-turned-pembencinya. 

A painting on the wall (mural) George Best in the region last week suddenly disappeared and was replaced painting a very unusual tree. In fact, Best paintings located in the Woodstock Road is considered as one of the tourist attraction as it crosses the east Belfast. 

A group of people think the cult of Best as an exaggeration. Andy Moorhead from East Belfast Alternatives group claimed the change was made at the request of many people. "We're trying to show the world and the people of Northern Ireland that is still a lot of people from east Belfast who meritorious than George Best," said Moorhead. "There is no personal resentment against George." 

However, many also regretted the removal of these murals. Elaine Futon who have lodging in the vicinity called the mural is so far has attracted the attention of tourists who come to the region. 

This same disclosed Norman McNarry who married George's sister, Barbara. He mentioned the Best not aware of any transfer of this mural. "I could bring my friends from Russia, Japan, Scandinavia, and others worldwide who are very interested in this mural," he said. 

Reportedly, the murals from several prominent east Belfast will be placed back in the area, including George Best, but with a much smaller format.

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