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Monday, January 17, 2011

Schumacher and Ecclestone Property Business

Two well-known in Formula 1 (F1), Michael Schumacher and Bernie Ecclestone, has a busy when the competition was a holiday. They fill empty time with an active in the property market.

High-circulation newspaper in Germany, Bild, reported that Schumacher has sold his ideal house located in Switzerland. After years of occupying a building worth about 35 million euros (about USD 421.343 billion), the former seven-time F1 world champion is finally chose to sell at prices much lower, at 13 million euros (about USD 156.463 billion).

In fact, the old house which is situated near Lake Geneva has a number of luxury amenities. The reason is, there is a helipad, swimming pool, home theater, and tennis courts.

If Schumacher selling luxury homes with prices "cheap", another case with Ecclestone. F1 Chief Executive is actually buying a house in London with fantastic prices due to reach 131 million euros (about USD 1.576 trillion). The house he invested for his beloved daughters, Tamara (26) and Petra (22).

Tamara luxury homes situated in Kensington Palace Gardens, while Petra is going to stay at Chelsea, at the Sloane House which has eight bedrooms.

"I'm very proud of them," said the 80-year-old man told the Sunday Times. "They were good girls. They are not stupid when using money."

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