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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad Season For Schumacher

Competition in 2011 will reach halfway. But Mercedes Grand Prix racing driver Michael Schumacher has been convicted that this season did not go as expected. 

Currently Mercedes GP scattered in the fifth constructors' championship with 50 points. Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg on the order of nine and ten constructors' championship. 

With such achievement, Schumacher considers that the achievement of his team is not in accordance with expectations. "Overall, it was clear that so far this season, went worse than our expectations," said the man from Germany was quoted as saying by Autosport. 

"In fact, if we consider a good result at the test last winter, then what we can be worse than expected," added the former Benetton and Ferrari. 

Schumacher said that the problems facing his team is having to face many problems at the same time. "The fact the car we were there a number of points that were trying to repair. As long as we worry about how to resolve it, the development of the project to be disrupted," said the owner's seven world titles. 

Schumacher optimistic about what had happened to his team this season can be a valuable capital in the face next season. He also believes that in the rest of this season, Mercedes still able to achieve positive results.

"The positive is the moment where we could take a lesson from the experience we got to face the competition next year. In fact I am confident that we will be able to get progress in the rest of the season. Indeed, many of which still have us do, but we are ready. "

"All our attention is focused on building a team. That's our focus at this time, without any exception or limitation," he said

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