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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kobe accused of insulting gay

LA Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, was sentenced to a fine of $ 100,000 due to be issued a speech that insulted the gay scene.

According to the NBA, Kobe out the words that are insulting tone when the Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs, 102-93, in the continuation of the NBA league.

"Comments Kobe Bryant in the game is pitched speech attack," said NBA commissioner, David Stern, in a written statement.

"Kobe and anyone in the NBA should have known that such comments are not acceptable and justified in this environment," continued Stern.

Kobe mouth motion that issued these words of insult television cameras caught shortly after he was expelled from court for committing a technical foul. Kobe was protesting the decision of the referee Bennie Adams and release powerful words such humiliation.

Recognizing the risk of the controversial actions, Kobe directly stated that he did not mean to insult any party. "My words should not be understood in a simple," said Kobe. "The words were just popping of my frustration and not intended to attack the group of lesbians and gays."

After saying those words, Kobe was hit a chair and threw the towel as an expression of his anger.

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