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Monday, May 30, 2011

Maradona admitted Messi as Himself

Argentina legend, Diego Maradona, admitted, he often heard the birth of the "New Maradona" each year. However, for Maradona, only Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, which truly reflects her when she was active as a player.

"I've often heard for years that there is always a 'New Maradona'. To Messi, I believe he's the same player to me. He is an exceptional talent and someone who has the unique ability to do things with the ball which may not You never expect, "said Maradona told The Sun.

"That's what makes it special. All the great players to play games and do things that make everyone open their eyes with a sense of awe. But the only thing that is really special that can make you amazed because you do not think what they do is impossible to do. That is Messi. Yes, he was able to perform magic. He is also a player who worked for the team, "he continued.

Maradona, Messi not only comment, but also the magical boy from Manchester United, Javier "Chicarito" Hernandez.

"I saw the game Hernandez in Mexico and you could see real talent who can score goals at the best rate. Not surprisingly, he has been doing well. He is a natural striker. However, the movement and the way he played that like a ghost perhaps the most important thing. The defender does not know how to play against him because they did not even know where he is, "said the maestro.

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