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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fantastic Vettel Win F1 Monaco, Hamilton hit Penalty

Sebastian Vettel won the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, Sunday (29 / 5) through the tense competition and the contest was stopped briefly on lap 72 due to the incidents experienced by some riders. When done restart, the driver Red Bull was finally able to complete 78 laps with a sharpshooter Pitstop strategy from the team.

In the sixth series of this race, Vettel demonstrate exceptional performance. Imagine, with just one world champion Pitstop 2010 was to finish the race with a total time of 2 hours 09 minutes 38.373 seconds. With kemenangnan won five times out of six series, the top position in the standings while becoming robust with 143 points.


Occupied the second place driver Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. Since lap-60 he tried to suppress Vettel, but the effort stalled until the race was stopped on lap-72. If race is not terminated, another possibility would result.

Therefore, new Vettel once Pitstop condition worn tires. But, he could keep the car's speed, especially in the corners. Team Red Bull is right to run its strategy, namely by using soft compound tires at the beginning and then replace it with a hard on lap 17. Imagine, for 55 laps (until lap 72 when stopped), he was able to maintain the condition of the tires until the finish.

Who's Jenson Button won third place. McLaren racer is up to three times into the pit to use super soft tires. Even had led the race, although eventually had to settle for third podium.

The mass of the accident, Hamilton penalized 

Under the air temperature 42 degrees Celsius, the rider to start smoothly without incident at the first corner. Alonso able to poke in the third pass stuck behind Webber and Vettel and Button.According to the provisions, the first two laps riders are prohibited from using DRS. 

Locations outside bend use DRS to last crossed the start line. Until the 7th lap, Hamilton was in the order of the 10th kept trying to overtake Schumacher. But the narrowness of the track, making Hamilton who repeatedly provoked movements remain difficult Schumacher bulldoze former seven-times world champion.

Finally, new on the 10th lap Hamilton could melibasnya. That, too, there seems to be a radio message from the Mercedes team to Schumacher. Through radio, Schumacher behind the wheel began to preach when peeling. On lap 13 the pit entrance instead of the front wing.

While Vettel still leading and Button tried to shorten the distance until lap 14, Alonso was only 1 second further behind Button. On lap 16, Button entered the pit and change tires dropped to fourth position. One lap later followed by Vettel, only he had used hard tire compound that can menempuih 35 more laps. When you sign posisinyamasuk trajectory path so the second, followed by Alonso on lap 18 and he still ranks third.

Strategy Mclaren doing the earliest change tires on the Button to fruition. He started the race leading 18 laps and Vettel was behind him. Live, on the second Pitstop strategy. Apparently, Button who use super soft tires to maximize the speed of the McLaren tried to leave Vettel 6 seconds more. Even until lap-32 McLaren ahead 13 seconds more than Vettel and secure enough to maintain the first position when entering the pit replace the tire.

On lap 34, Button entered the pit super-soft tires wear longer. When entering the orbit, the third displaced position. Safety Car into a lap 35 as Massa beat Dindin barrier in the tunnel. He was probably surprised because disalip Hamilton from the inside is so insistent, making his car did not have room to dodge. 

Hamilton's actions made him exposed to "drive through penalty" that run on lap 44.Schumacher was also unable to continue the race due to smoke billowing from the engine. Alonso overtaking on the side of the pit straight into the tire change on lap 35. Stay ahead of Vettel who fared less well, because when Pitstop II distance with Button and Alonso are very close.

Safety car entered lap 40, Vettel was in front of the shadowed Button 3 seconds. Sign in lap 48, Vettel Button stuck in traffic and can stick under one second. On lap 49, Button entered the pit and soft tire change its position displaced by Alonso.

On lap 60, Alonso began to suppress the condition Vettel fourth start banya worn. While Button was looming duel 5 seconds behind Red Bull and Ferrari. Fun Stuff, sign lap 63, the distance Vettel, Alonso and Button are sticking together. Living alone who make mistakes.

The third competition rider who hit each other it stopped on lap 69, when all three are stuck in traffic about four cars ahead of them of them had an accident. Starting from Maldonado (Williams) is overtaking Sutil, but Sutil hit the wall at the bend entry barrier. Then, two other riders have come after that.

With the entry of the safety car on lap 70, Vettel was saved from tire wear. But on lap 72, the red flag was unfurled and the driver stopped at the start / finish to restart.

New removable and not the road one lap, Hamilton was again nudged Maldonado.
Williams racer finally could not control the steering and hit the barrier wall.

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