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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vettel on pole, Hamilton slumped Seventh

Appropriate what had been predicted that favor Fernando Alonso at Red Bull F1 Monaco GP, apparently going to be a reality. From the qualifying session that marked a great incident, today (28 / 5) Sebastian Vettel managed to grab pole position with fastest time 1 minute 13.556 seconds.

NOTE: The best time was made on the third qualification (final). In fact, in the first two qualifying rounds, the German rider was not included in the big three are dominated by Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). 

The sixth series of races which took place 78 laps tomorrow will be exciting. Because the rider is perched next to McLaren Vettel Jenson Button. Only he and Vettel could carve terbai time with 1:13. Button himself noted 1:13,997. 

Who's team-mate, Hamilton had to settle for seventh. Perez incident could interfere with his struggle to be able to grab pole position pda minute 7. 

Behind Vettel and Button, Mark Webber (Red Bull) and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari). Composition with three world champions in front, be interesting spectacle at the start. 

Qualifying 1 (Q1): Ferrari's new management 
Fernando Alonso if Ferrari ambitious gesture won the 6th race of this series. In addition to being the fastest in second free practice yesterday, this morning, the Spanish rider is back to being the fastest. 

Perhaps, this may be due to changes in management structure of Ferrari. Aldo Costa, who was technical director resigned and his position filled by Pat Fry. 

Unlike the other tracks, in Monte Carlo this rider takes around a few laps to get the best time. Because, a distance of 3.340 km is quite short and full of corners, creating traffic. 

The rider of the top new entry trajectory started minute-4 initiated by Hamilton and Button from McLaren, followed by Massa and Vettel at minutes 8, 9 and Webber Alonso minute one minute later. But no one could transcend time Alonso free exercise of 1:14 seconds. Hamilton fastest with a best time while 1:15,206 seconds, overshadowed Vettel with 1:15,606. 

In this session, rider Alguesuari touched with Sauber car at the corner of La Rascasse. Damaged front wing. Finally, a session that lasted 20 minutes into the possession of Hamilton who perform using hard compound tires. 

Q2: super soft tires 

Unlike the first appearance, here riders using soft and super soft tires in order to qualify for the top 10. Schumacher wore a super soft tires, while Ferrari have been relying primarily tires.

Again, Hamilton managed to sharpen the fastest time of 1:14,996 to 1:14,275 Webber. SETI Partners Webber, Vettel to imagine both the 1:14,314 and in the 8th minute fixed time and only 0.002 seconds adrift of Hamilton. 

Alonso tested the super soft compound tire. As a result, the same as the first appearance and remained fourth. Massa, too type of tire wear Alonso and he was in fifth place. 

Q3: Perez accident Just like in Spain, appearing in tight circuit rider Maldonado Williams showed his talent. He managed to penetrate the top 10 and join the third qualifying 3. 

Intrigued by the results in Q2, Alonso and Massa back four wheels fitted with super soft tires. Unexpectedly, Alonso raced pretty ugly with 1:18,681, while Massa is good enough 1:14,889. But it still lost the same speed Webber who carved 1:14,019. Less than a minute, Webber's record was surpassed teammate with 1:13,556 seconds. 

At minute 7, the qualifying was stopped 35 minutes due to severe incidents experienced by Sergio Perez. Sauber driver while crossing the chicane Novoulle (outside tunnel) directly hit the car flying and barrier wall.

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