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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Come and champion Martina Hingis

A number of legendary tennis player back show of skill on the pitch red soil Roland Garros, June 1 to 5. John McEncroe, Martina Navratilova, Michael Stich, Guy Forget, Martina Hingis, Andres Gomez and many other legendary tennis player, tennis legend kejuraan for the title. This moment is very attracted the attention of tennis lovers.

Although long retired, but the strength and technique in the field of their game is still stunning. That's why, each year's senior event at Roland Garros match this did not escape the attention of the public. Especially for a former top player who has many fans, like McEnroe or Navratilova.

Public always meet the stadium where the former world champion was performed. The technique of high and riveting game, make the audience really enjoyed the game. Moreover, they (the legendary players), very friendly with the audience.

"Here, we seemed to be a part of the tennis player, and the relationship between the players with the public so warm. In regular tournaments, though we shouted for them, provide support, the young tennis players like robots, no expression," said some spectators who came to the stadium Suzanne Lenglen, the second largest at Roland Garros. tried to follow some senior matches. Quite right, during the course of the game, the atmosphere was lively and warm. Wow ... word was heard calling several times, but also interspersed with laughter because the behavior of players who taunt each other between them.

Special Tennis former world champion, began in 1998, founded by Mansour Bahrami, tennis player from Iran, Roland Garros doubles finalist in 1989. Apparently, this tournament was greeted warmly by the former tennis world.

For the retired tennis player, return to the field and compete is something sensational because it met the old fellow tennis player, swapping stories about their lives after no longer compete in the international arena and of course remove the sense of missed. Although the game looks each insisted, but in everyday life many of them who was a friend.

This year, Swiss tennis player Martina Hingis became the new arrivals. The beauty of this get a warm welcome from the public.

Tennis player who never won a grand slam title at age 16 the youngest of this year, trophy legend paired with Lindsay Davenport (United States). They managed to win the women's trophy after defeating the pair legend Navratilova (USA) / Jana Novotna (Czech Republic) who never won Wimbledon in 1998.

How about McEnroe? Every year, this one coming tennis player, a strong character, always waiting. Apparently, despite being aged 52 years, American tennis player who was once the world's number 1 single and double it, still tempered same.

Banting racket, enraged already become part of him yak can not lose. But that's what awaited the audience. Their words, not Mc Encroe without nagging his trademark.

This time, McEnroe teamed with Andres Gomez from the Equator. They must recognize the benefits of France's senior partner, Guy Forget / Henri Leconte.

Although the tennis legend is no longer doing the international tournament, but fans are still a lot. Even small children had come to idolize them.

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