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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gasol-Silvi making out on the Ibiza island

Pau Gasol will not dissolve in disappointment because it failed to bring the Los Angeles Lakers past the NBA playoffs. Pebasket Spanish is actually trying to forget it by enjoying a beautiful and romantic time with her lover, Silvia Lopez Castro.

Lovebirds who this year to within one (Gasol 30 years and Silvia 29 years), who comes from Barcelona, ​​on holiday in Ibiza, an island in Spain. There, they were making out without the need to think about the NBA Finals that is currently being rolled.

Gasol is considered a poor during the playoffs. Players with seven-foot height is even embarrassed by his own brother, Marc, who played in the team Memphis Grizzlies.

Rumors say, Gasol is facing a problem about his relationship with Sylvia, who made her look bad, although Gasol denied this. In fact, there are other rumors that developed, which states that he was hostile to the NBA star, Kobe Bryant, after his wife Vanessa is mentioned as the party that caused their split.

However, Gasol reject the issue and denied that he had no problem with Bryant. He said, "I stay away from them, but people close to me read it."

"On some level, it affects some people close to me, very close to me. For me, it's sad. For, if one believes then you agree."

"But when there are lies, or they create a story, it's not fun. I do not think they help at any level. But, it's part of the business."

"We are surrounded by a lot of media and the media try to do their work in a way that they best they can do, and some try to do that."

Gasol, who signed a contract worth 64.7 million U.S. dollars in 2009, the target of Magic Johnson. He is considered a good choice in the transfer market to be a center Magic, replacing Dwight Howard, so that Gasol will probably move.

At the international level, Gasol also had agreed to strengthen the Spanish national team this summer. He, for the first time in recent years, will join again in order to bring the Spanish national team through the 2012 London Olympics.

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