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Monday, June 20, 2011

Obama invited the Mavericks to the White House

The success of the Dallas Mavericks win the NBA this season to get appreciation from Barack Obama. President of the United States were invited Dirk Nowitzki et al. to the White House.

Mavericks became the NBA champions this season after beating the Miami Heat to 4-2 on aggregate. Kepasitian title was obtained protege Rick Carlisle to beat the Heat host the sixth game by a score of 105-95.

Achievement of this Mavericks received appreciation from the U.S. president Barack Obama. "The president said he wanted to invite the team to the White House to congratulate him," the statement given the White House quoted by USA Today. Not yet known when exactly the winner going to the White House.

Previously Obama has also called coach Rick Carlisle. "The President told the coach Carlisle that he was very proud of the way the Mavericks play, and also congratulate me on the performance of Carlisle. The President also discussed the performance of several players like Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and JJ Barea," the statement from the White House.

Earlier this week, Obama also gave his sympathy to the stronghold of the Heat. Successor to George Bush Jr.. It also stated the same thing to the team champion of the Chicago Bulls. He also hopes that one of the two teams that won the NBA finals next season.

"I'm sorry with what happened to the Heat. You also know that I jagokan Bulls also failed to the finals. We're going back - These two teams will meet again in the Eastern Conference finals, and one of the team will be champions next season, "he said.

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