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Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation, Oezil caught smoking

Mesut Oezil take action that might make it sanctioned by Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho. While undergoing a holiday, the midfielder was caught smoking with her friends.

Photos Oezil was smoke a cigarette contained in various media throughout Germany and Spain at the weekend. Clearly visible in the photo is 22 years old footballer was in the boat along with his colleagues enjoyed a summer vacation.

Spread photographs are smoking Oezil surprising given the clear adverse effects that raised tobacco and many anti-tobacco campaigns are echoed by footballers. Thus quoted from Mundodeportivo.

So far there has been no official statement from Madrid's stronghold Oezil and associated circulation of the photo. However, several parties called if Oezil is not a smoker and he did it as part of socialization with peers.

In addition, the parents of Turkish origin, was probably Oezil typical Turkish tobacco smoke when caught on camera reporter. Tobacco Turkey is part of the culture of the country's population and mentioned having a lighter taste and less nicotine.

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