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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Melbourne Heart v Perth Glory

Melbourne Heart v Perth Glory will be very tight. With so many modifications for Melbourne Heart and Perth Glory sides in the off-season, this looms as a difficult match to read. Both showed plenty of positives in the opening round and they look to be two of the more entertaining teams in it.

Melbourne Heart will play plenty of good looking football this year and Van 't Schip looks to have his side better drilled in the way he wants to play. Fred has shown his class and importance to the side already and he will be a crucial cog in the coach's plans as well as getting the most out of his fellow Brazilians, Maycon and Terra.

The loss of Bolton is a big one and van 't Schip would rather not have a keeper learning on the job, especially with a relatively inexperienced defence in front of him. The end last week was a little unjust, but the result wasn't surprising.

Perth Glory looked well in their opener for a side with so many changes and there's no doubt that players like Liam Miller and Billy Mehmet will be very valuable to them this campaign along with Travis Dodd.

On paper, they probably have a better side than Heart, but the task of travelling has proven difficult for them in recent times. They won their first road trip of the season in 2010/11, coincidentally in Melbourne, but then picked up just four points from their final 14 away games. They have lost 31 off their past 44 away games since the start of 2008.

With that in mind, Heart should start slight favourites, but Melbourne Heart v Perth Glory looks to be a close run thing and the draw is probably the most likely outcome.

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