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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ballack Ready for Retirement in Leverkusen

Each player will be hoping to get a new contract when the contract duration is over. Understandably, it is concerned with their livelihood. However, Michael Ballack had little thought of it. Midfielder whose contract will expire in June 2012 that just assume today is his last season at Bayer Leverkusen.

Not only that, the former German national team captain is also not close the possibility of this is his last season as a player. "I still feel healthy. But, I could not be sure what I would do. If you stay healthy, I might still be able to play up to two more seasons. Matter where I play, we'll see, "said Ballack told Sky.

Surrender is not regardless of physical condition and Ballack is a very unstable game after a long absence due to severe injury acquired before the 2010 World Cup. Although the performance is now back uphill, it's not a guarantee to keep playing well in every game.

Interestingly, with the attitude that, Ballack certainly more focused and relaxed in the live action from week to week. In the end, motivation Ballack will always boost every time you step on the field and that could trigger performance.

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